motion picture moment

Jeepers crow did I watch a mixed bag of movies this week. I've said it before that I don't like to give my opinion on whether the movie was good or not but this time I am. Take me with a grain of salt and have an open mind please.



Sticky Fingers 1983

this was a good movie for the 1988

Sarah Plain and Tall

it was a hallmark film and very hallmarkesque

Bringing up Baby 1938

SO ANNOYING. There is so much whining, crying, screaming and chatter in this movie. it never stops. I hated it.

Fat Man and Little Boy

I didn't know what it was about what so ever before viewing. As I was watching I was wondering who was the fat man and where was the little boy. Not until the very end was it made known. Overall this was a great movie.

Boogie Nights

Is so super good. Great sex scene, funny, nerve racking and very realistic

House Bunny

This is now my favorite movie of all comedy. Anna Faris is a laugh riot....


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