LA fashion meets the East Coast


These photos are of some tank tops that were miraculously stumbled upon today. We have a store called Marden's here in Maine, it's equivalent to building 19 in Massachusetts. I am trying to think of one in California but can't.

I can tell you this of California, and this is the reason for the blog post. Los Angeles.
There was this store there called Fred Segal, on Melrose, have you heard of it? They sell these amazing wares. Well one day they had a sidewalk sale of Michael Stars. I bought a skirt. it is a comfortable skirt, not nylon, vintage, silk or some other weave, it is cotton and so comfortable one would sleep in it. I still think of how I could have bought sweatpants / sweatshirts / t's but Whatever, I digress!

Well today I came across a plethora of tank tops for 2.99. i bought 5. I am still looking at them and petting the softness. I do not buy clothes. I am not really one for the fashion, but more comfort and classic. I like to be accepted and not stick out. Unless it is something I invented. There I said it.

Anyhow, tank topssssssssss.
This is my summer staple. I will share some of the goodness of them next week with the Leather SoBo I made today.

Have a wonderful mothers day.


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