Head to Toe

shoes - don't know, can't see my toes.

socks - don't know, can't see my feet.

bottoms - I remember those, these are levis jeans - this is a 2 yr old photo of me.

top: long sleeve j crew tissue t - still a staple in my closet

under shirt: ratty (and very old) abercrombie tank top. One of my first purchases, on my own, ever -1995
(its in the closet too) for sure.

Feeling super sassy lately... are you too?

Anyhow this is me sharing a fancy spunky sneak peek of a couple bags coming up... The actually artistic point of view is at the bottom. All this fluff is me, someone who can't help themselves.

and a little note. The hummingbird tank top was mentioned here. I've been looking for it so I can show you how many items I have that have been in movies. sassy....

My doodie duds.

shoes - rare frye loafers... They do not fit me. I can put them on but can not move :)
socks - boring nylon trouser knee highs. Makes for an easy time to slip el foot in.
bottoms: a ratty pair of lucky brand jeans
top: Forever 21 #76 teeshirt.
accessories: The belt is a boys Royal Robbins. youth boy if i am correct.

oh balls. here we go....must pay attention to what I wear...sorry if you get a lot of 'jeans and a t.


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