blessing and day dreams

While thumbing through my flickr stream I came across my old hipshack photo shoots. It made me think of how inspiring California was to take photos and how in the past 2 years here nothing too artistic has been done. But then I kept going though the photos which reminded me of all the sea ports we visited along with a lot of broke down barns. The above hipshack was one of my favorites. It was taken at an old mill in transition from yesteryear and tomorrow. The rope was found attached to a broken boat or dock or something cast off and ramshackle in a cove at a dead end somewhere in New England. It was too romantic so it gave itself to me, I accepted, blessed it, cleaned it and gave it a new life. I hope the gal who owns it is just as blessed.

These are the photos that we were taking when we came across the sweet rope...

thank you all, be well.


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