Hippie Hangout

While searching out the kodak theater picture I passed by the photos of when I went to Venice California to hang with the hippies.

If you've never been it is a fabulous place that allows for bike riding everywhere.

Open Farmers Market, weekly. (this is the santa monica one) who has the best pecan pie vendor.




Venice has canals similar to Italy. Very big, bigger than I ever thought they could be. The homes in this neighborhood are amazing.

Another amazing aspect of Venice is in the "normal" neighborhood each street has a corresponding alley and street. The street in which your car drives down is the back of your house. Looks like an alley where you'll see the trash cans and well, parked cars. Your front door is this walkway. Which I think is called the alley? Rather ironic. Or maybe they are avenues and I'm just a backwards gal. I can't remember though, do tell if you know. Regardless each is better than the next.

Unique house doors on almost every home.




Street art galore...................

This is my silly Kodak theater moment. It is a very busy site. Up and around those stairs is also a mall, thin and tall where you can see the Hollywood sign off in the distance. There are more photos of the theater. They are terrible. In 2005 the interest of things wasn't burning like they are now. However I managed to get a couple photos of the side rails of the stairs. Each movie best picture is listed up and down the stairs. One of which is My Fair Lady which I do remember seeing and just got for my birthday. My people love me....THANK YOU. This is me surrounded by a pile to put away. VHS are sure a money saver. I did cancel blockbuster and am thrilled at the notion of books on tape! I'm going backward - fighting the moving forward because I would never read a nook. My eyes are buzzed enough after reading something on a phone.


I saved out a couple San Fransisco pictures as well as our house boat trip in Sausalito. Please god let me live there one day. I'll share those tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week folks.


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