Shell Shocked

What's in a name? Lately I've been thinking that the answer is everything. A few bags have been made up over the past couple days that are similar to this bag and that bag but not exactly like any other bag. So what are they called? Something new or close to the last? If it were up to me they'd go so fast that there would be no time to name them. (insert shy giggle here)

Find the one above here... Pink and Green are so great together.

The few you see here are shell bags. Made up of just a body. No pockets or adjustments. Which makes for a fabulous accessory for your day. It will be nice to toss in your duds, wallet and camera or even your purse to run a mock around town. Well for the big ones anyway. The small one is so small adding a hint of charm to your weekly coffee shop chat group.

You can find the littlest SoBo here...

The plaid lad below can be found here...

I've also added a zipper cosmetic pouch. This is not the norm for me but I got to thinking the other day why not? First off may.tree.ark prides itself on basic function. Primitive mechanisms that close the top and adjust the straps. It was tough for me to go the route of metal sliders. I like the tie strap. That's what my line of handbags is all about. But as I have said before supplies are based on where I am based. I also can't do the same thing over and over. I must create. Not knowing the end result is very important to keep the fire burning. You have seen a lot of Vintage Army canvas right? That's because where I moved to a ton of it presented itself to me. It sews fantastically, is super strong and has such a raw look to it. One day it will run out. Just like the Belgian Linen did. I found some of that about 5 years ago. $65.00/yard. Yes that is what I paid. I have maybe a half yard left. It is gorgeous. That is all I knew about it, how it felt and looked. I had to do it. I made the most incredible bag with it. No one looked at it. It was online and how can you tell the beauty of something online when you don't know the artist or their soul. It sold for $69.00. My heart broke but I knew that the person who was going to sport this bag was going to be so thrilled that the pain of a dollar sign washed away very quickly. That is what kept me making and wanting to keep the bags affordable for enjoyment, not profit. That is what I do, make for them and you , not me. This bag is my latest attempt of using a coveted fabric. Fingers crossed that I can stick to my guns and not run a Presidents Day sale on it!!!!!

I love rustic rings and rusty sorts... They are how a new method happens.

At least for me that is how something new happens. Just the other day these amazing surplus zippers fell in my lap. They are hardcore awesome. 2 dozen zippers later with nothing to do I made a pouch. Which is great because I definitely wanted to see what my adaptation would be if I made one.

You can find the case here... It is made of leather, wool and satin. Boy is satin a bitch to sew.


  1. Anonymous2/19/2011

    stunning bags you have been creating and really good to hear about your thoughts on making your goods, and where your supplies come from! lovely post, thanks for the insight. hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  2. I struggle to find the words to write that much, so thanks for saying that. it was a lovely weekend. My hope is yours was the same.


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