Motion Picture Moment

This week was sure interesting as far as movies go. A couple more were seen other than these 3 like Drowning Mona, Kuffs, Man Trouble and Don't Drink the Water. Drowning Mona had some great backwoods style and I love how everyone drives the same car. Don't Drink the water with wood allen is so woody allen. I love his sarcastic no bullshit attitude.

But what was really memorable was these three listed. Conviction, Camille and On Golden Pond.

First with Conviction. I had no clue what it was about. I have a blockbuster queue that I randomly add new releases to. All the others are VHS attic movies I'm working through. Most of the time I try to sit and watch the BB movies with my husband.

Well when I started to watch Conviction I shouted. I have had a photo shoot of a Hipshack at a house seen in this movie.

I do have a full shot of the entire house but can't locate it. It's a great ramshackle wine color. It is such a wonderful cutie pie of a house. Straight and Square. It is a rather uncomplicated house. I want to pick it up and move it. I would place it in a field in the spot of my hearts desire to live in. Forever.


It was just so neat to see it in the movie. It has happened before in a few movies. Another is at the end of I am Legend. That is my tank top. !!!

Okay on to more movies... update: i found the pictures of the house

Okay. Listen! If you have not seen either of these movies (like me) rent them together. First Camille was watched. By the time it was over I was in love. It was such a lovely (and interesting) movie.. Directly after it I watched On golden pond. It was as if they were in sequence. They are two different stories but it was so easy to imagine that they were the same couple from young age to what would have happened in old age. Quite fantastic.... really!


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