Get your freak on.

Happy Monday folks. Couple things this morning.

First off with the oscars being on last night it made me think of things. I find the awards to be very thrilling at the beginning yet such a bore to watch as the night draws in. I know that it would a different story if you were there and apart of it. Its difficult for us because it most likely wasn't meant to be televised. But its California, movies and stars so we hang loose anyhow.

Anyway, it reminded me of my time at the Kodak Theater. I am going to post about once the external hard drive gets dug out. One must share the corresponding pictures to such events right? Blogs, for me, are visual, not so much of this yapping. (silly grin)

Remembering my time there made for an interestingly vivid dream. One part of the dream was getting pushed into a limo van stuffed with people going to LAX with everyone talking at once about the black smoke (which was the smog over the airport). We passed this huge old building with the front off so you could see inside which didn't matter because they were all standing at the openings looking out drinking and talking. They were all circus freaks in town for a freak show. Which made me see something even stranger. As I was standing around talking there was this woman in a trench coat standing next to us who was talking to herself. I quickly realized she had a bluetooth in but noticed that she was a dog. Standing on her hind legs licking her paw in a beige trench coat. wtf? That wasn't even it. I didn't even tell you a quarter of the dream. I remember every detail - tail for tail. This was THE craziest dream I have ever had in my life, hands down.

Secondly I am holding a sale over at my etsy shop in celebration for my birthday. (which was Sunday - yesterday) I was born in 1976 which was a Leap year. It is just so strange to think of how close my birth came to being on that day. In my town there were two girls I went to school with that were born that year on Feb 29th. Same hospital, same time, same first name, same last initial and same school system. All very strange. oh and, I was born on my grandmothers birthday. To celebrate this creepiness there is a sale which will be held for a bit in order to move on into Spring time. More snow feel over the weekend too adding 13 inches to our already 70 something. Needless to say I haven't been able to see out my front windows in a long time because the snow mound is that high. Wild....

Have a wonderful week my friends.


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