I think in the post before it was mentioned that movies are listened to and not seen by me. Well not Nanny McPhee, there's a bunch that are so well done that you must sit and stare.

The decor in this movie is wonderful. A close eye was kept on every movement Maggie Gyllenhaal took and every camera sweep made. Movies with sets like this one thrill me to no end. It is rather wonderful to have fallen in love with the film because Jake Gyllenhaal has been my hollywood crush for a very very long time. In fact I have a small mention of moonlight mile in my very first blog post. I'm just saying it is no wonder I'm a fan of Maggie as well.

I included my photos here to add a taste of similarities. Patches and a down to earth homemade feel. Now I am off to search my closet for a dress similar to the one Maggie is in for my next photo shoot. Which I think is next to the poster of Jake in his calvins.

I have another sweater for Sobohemia going up tonight. In fact a few are going to be up for sale in the next week. A collection was made in December, as well as tons of yardage of one particular pattern of fabric.

A little news to tell is that Soboco will likely be just for art, clothing and acquired antiques. I am a loyal woman so it felt very odd to leave may.tree.ark sitting there fragmented.
Only time will tell for the patient folks.
Have fun taking a gander at the photos random saved from google my friends. be well and love much.

Have you seen the wallpaper, miss matched bedding, arched walls and ceilings?

This is my favorite, it is scrumptious. A large open living space with heavy theater drapes to close off the room. Gorgeous...

This one is fantastic. Did you see my first blog post. how wonderful.


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