Why buy handmade and go to the Thrift Store?

Why should you go thrifting? Because people throw new things away all the time. Sure we all long for those new shoes that are the current fashion but to be honest shoes don't go out of style. Look at the current trend of high boots that began strong about 2 years ago. They have been around for a very long time so you know they are out there somewhere. Perhaps ebay as well.

The boots in these pictures and in this post were thrifted. I know what you are thinking, Gross! But they were new. Brand spanking new.

so were these Earth Shoes...$3.00 and never been worn.

These are the latest. Look a bit like the boots up top there, huh. They are Reiker Antistress Shoes that retail for 99.00. I got them for $4.00. When I tell you they are the most comfortable shoe ever placed on my dogs is not a lie. Feels like a run in the Redwoods would be a piece of cake in these puppies too.

This to me is earth friendly shopping. What should you buy new is handmade. Most of us are using vintage and or repurposed materials now a days. That means you the consumer is not getting the chemical it takes to make and ship the merchandise. Did you know that clothing is sprayed down with a chemical so bugs, mold or bacteria don't wreck them during the exhausting boat trip from far away lands? They still get bugs though. They are growing immune to these "drugs" with traces of fecal matter residing on your new forever 21 top. Gross huh. There is plenty of news about this in a google search like here and here.

If and when I purchase fabric its mostly organic and if not washed in fragrance free detergent.

Remember I had mentioned before that things are happening for me over here? It is still true. It takes time. But little messages like this will give you hints to what's happening...

Have a happy soap suddy day ladies and gents


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