Tea for Two

Hi it's me your bush boogie shopkeeper babe. I wanted to touch base real quick about my previous post to let you know that I am not holier than thou. Purchases from the mall definitely happen, for sure. I did not mean to sound exempt for it. Just now a days I try to let that be far and few between because I have learned of a better alternative. (shy grin)

On a happy note. this is what I have to deal with on a daily basis !!! that man above (poor me right) ( giggle giggle) I tease....I am smitten with that woolie beast. The beard is not a normal trait. He grows it for the winter, then shaves it off in the Spring. I happen to love it.

This is me capturing him at his best.

Below there is our new passion. Teavana.

Tomorrow is my cup of tea in which I'm going to show you how incredibly beautiful it is. I have never tasted a tea that tastes better than it looks. Yum....


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