A short Christmas Hello

I take a while to rally up. The more the merrier, literally speaking, to get me in the mood! Needless to say I just got started for the holiday now that everyone is ready to pack it in. It's okay, something I'm used to. Its been like this my whole life. As a party gets to winding down, I'm ready to burn the booze...pop on the music and lets dance. This is a trait I share with family, only.

This is just a short hello...Showing off the things that came to me via me on Christmas.

Headscarf, boots and a bag. The boots are something that I have been looking for for 23 months; everyday en'day with a big fat donut hole each time. To my shock and awe they became available on Christmas Eve!

The bag is made by me for me. If you or someone you know use this type of bag, it is great. I happen to love it (shy grin) (horn toot).

And the head scarf. I love them - they are like candy for my hair. For Christmas my sister received an antique horse from me. That horse headscarf was found right along side in honor. Yes I have a long head, so it is rather appropriate to wear horses. just don't ask me why the long face, I'll cry! Just joking.


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