Vintage Letterpress wooden Blocks

It's listings like these that get me thinking about a Vintage shop. The uses for letterpress letters and numbers are limitless. If you own a boutique placing one on each dressing room door would be a nice embellishment. Perhaps a teacher could adorn the room with them. My mind permits me to think that it's one Sara Crewe would attend, of course. One could actually put them to use by stamping cards, invites or tags Or just have them sitting about in a simplistically decorated house.

These are the ones I came across the other day. I personally like the drawers but not needing either they were left behind. But at the price marked on them any Vintage Shop owner would have guarded these while their wingwoman grabbed a wagon.

Sad story that happened to me.
Storage space is hard to come by for someone that has eclectic tastes like me. Seeing an incredible shelf (wardrobe type) that was high, thin and perfect I wanted it. Once I saw the $ 10 price tag my husband was ordered to the register as my guard went up. In the 5 minutes standing there I thwarted off 3 people and the last attempt at shooing someone was to my sheer embarrassment. "i said, oh I'm getting this" she said with a sweet smile " sorry I just bought it" I was left heavyhearted and a little pink.


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