It has been sometime since i have shared a bit of me. Well.
My sister is 8 1/2 months pregnant.
I am rallying for her with my big foam finger waving virtually in the air every day.

Gosh are we excited to have the next generation.

It is joined with a catch 22. Notice the mouth wide open screaming for relief there in mr. Z's knick knack... Well.

There is this thing called symptomatic pregnancy!!!!!!!!!

I have it. My dad had it too.

I eat. But it's all salty and sweet. I normally am not a sweetie. I like it bitter and boring.

this is my crumb. granted Ina is to blame as well as me and America ( Cultures ) and Standard Bakery.

Oh I'm done sharing so I can make a Pecan crumb cake and nachos and a bagel.




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