clowning around

This is a very sweet doggy looking out the window while it rains.
He dreams of going out there to jump around the mud and lap up the puddles
but doesn't dare get his sweet little paws wet.

This is the same view but with no doggy, he's at home.
no flowers and here comes the rain...
it's all very beautiful here in New England
things come and go forcing us to change, evolve and nurture nature

This is just for fun.
I am clowning around while the sewing machine is at the doctors under the knife.
When she gets home I will treat her to tea and ice cream.


I'd love it if you were to use my photos on your blog BUT please don't do so without permission of course. Please link back to this blog for credit, Citizen Cathy or my website

All my love, thanks for reading folks.


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