Atlantic Northeast II

Z & I have been celebrating our 10 year old marriage. We started out by going back to where we honeymooned, Bar Harbor, better known as MDI. Yup the same place that President Obama visited at the same time. Wild huh!

The time we shared there was fantastic...Below are a few photos of our cabin's view and its huge bay. A day was spent at Southwest Harbor to reenact the steps we took 10 years before. We tried to get a glimpse of the B&B we honeymooned at but it became something else entirely! At the end of the road there is a little hidden spot where star fish live.

We spent an evening doing the dinner & movie thing but in total style at an all original 1932 movie theater.

More photos will come of that place because it was breathtaking (and fun photography)

now it's back to work...

cabin's front door view


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