What Home means to me

Home is for entertaining.

Taking life to seriously is a bore. Creating a cafe setting for when your guests walk in makes them giggle and feel like they know what to expect ------ Food & Fun.

Home is where my affections are centered.

Home is a home base.
It is a place to feel secure from the outside bother of the world at large. It should be life long. A place to grow up, move out and come back to when you're older to visit. A cycle repeated by generation after generation. But with our inherent Nomadic roots we move place to place to begin anew. Keeping our interests and creativity alive.

Home is creative work.
Cleaning, building, maintaining, decoration and creating a "space". This is a dedication that is born with expectations of an evolution. As your tastes change so won't your wall paper and floor coverings...(and maybe your home)

a home remains.
Whether it's from your childhood house, a college dorm, a rented apartment or a manor. You are your home. I am my home.

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