Talking Grub Instead of Friday's Fifty

Happy Friday I hope you get to sit and relax with some childhood friends.

There was no way researching 50 blogs was going to be done today. Too much work and not a lot of fun. As it was mentioned before those are not the blogs I tend to gravitate towards. Against my better judgment I tried this recipe this week. It was delicious but canned tomatoes are a top 7 do not eat food. I make sauce from fresh tomatoes (or if I have to, glass). Here are the top food to avoid according this someone?

Don't Eat

canned tomatoes.
microwave popcorn.
corn fed beef.

In fact you shouldn't eat beef at all. Try this on for size if you wish to be a part time vegetarian or baby steps to full fledged.

non organic potato.

seriously a must! Did you know that haz mat suits have to be worn if a man is to go out in a potato if...

farmed fish.
milk with hormones.
conventional apples.

I am sure the list goes on and on. Like no organic green peppers for example. I'm just saying.

quote of the long and prosper...The Vulcan salute (giggles)


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