Pictures above are not from me but other sources, some of which I can not remember as they were saved long ago. Some are from and

Z and I are minimalists but you would never be able to tell because we are living in a confused space, if you will. A few years ago we purged ourselves from everything we owned then headed off to Southern California. Looking back we got rid of a lot of the wrong stuff. The morals we learned during that time are plentiful. Now that we are back home we discovered in the family basement were boxes of "memories". We feel surrounded by them now. To say that organization is in order is understandable but we live in a small space and forgot our skill set on how to get rid of some memories and keep the ones that mean the most.

The above images are my ideal desire of living. To have only what you need. The Shaker Village Style do this encouraging for me and the last picture reminds me of the perfect family vacation in my current state of mind.

Serene, smooth and simplistically nomadic, getting back to my basics..


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