I had a whole post on the background of movies but it is gone and now I'm rather not in the mood to reinvent the wheel here. It is difficult to post pictures, links and words on a blog post, apparently. Darn my noviceness. Is that a word?

It started with me and Z, that's my husband, seeing Julia and Julie last night. We found it to be very entertaining. Meryl Streep was fantastic as Julia Child. As someone who grew up watching her with her mum it made an impression, boy did she made me laugh in the film. I can remember buying the cookbook for Christmas for my mom. Watching the first cook on tv reminded me of my curiousness of what was the first film ever made? What was the first motion picture ever made? So I googled it. I found the above image of the zoetrope. Grab some popcorn because this is fun. Go ahead get lost in this on your own by seeing these then head to youtube and check all of them out. If that is your sorta thing. You can start here with 1878 Sallie Gardner. Which is really a still camera making a series of pictures into a motion film, then possibly placed in order in the contraption above, the zoetrope? Then there is Roundhay Gardens. There were a few more like Roundhay and rather spooky. If you can locate the others from the net they are from a college. I Googled first motion pictures (film) I didn't bookmark them so they are lost and I'm afraid I'll lose this post too by searching it out. I will however look too because it is of a street scene only about 4 or 5 seconds long of people crossing the muddy road with horses and carriages going by, it is out of the world neat.

Then last here is of course Thomas Edison's sneeze. Enjoy your homeschooling...


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